Health and Biomedical Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences focuses on BUST’s motto of training health care personnel of all categories, to acquire basic and current knowledge to ensure the wellbeing of humankind locally, nationally and globally; to apply such knowledge diligently and effectively at all times while constructively building and making society better health wise

Program Description and Objective: 

  • Serve as a primary comprehensive resource staff in Health Education
  • Work as qualified Nurse or Laboratory Technicians in Public and Private Hospitals and Health Centres.
  • Work as Medical Technical Staff in National and International Development NGOs

Courses offerred: 

  • HND - Nursing
  • HND - Medical Laboratory Science
  • B.Sc - Nursing
  • B.Sc - Medical Laboratory Science
  • B.Sc - Health Care Managment
  • B.Sc - Pharmacy


  • M.Sc - Public Health
  • M.Sc - Nursing Educator
  • M.Sc - Health Systems Management
  • M.Sc - Reproductive Health
  • M.Sc - Medical Biochemistry
  • M.Sc - Medical Microbiology
  • M.Sc - Medical Pathology
  • M.Sc - Medical Virology
  • M.Sc - Pharmacology/Toxicology

Entry Requirements: 

  1. Five GCE Ordinary Level passes, including English Language, Mathematics and Biology and Two GCE Advanced Level passes, (with at least a C grade in Biology) or certificate considered by the University to be equivalent to two GCE “A“Levels as testified by a certificate of equivalence from the Cameroon Ministry of Higher Education.
  2. State Registered Nurses or HND/, with two GCE A/Level passes preferably in Science subjects eg Biology, Chemistry, etc
  3. For admission into a Masters Degree program, applicants must be holders of a Second Class Bachelors Degree with at least a grade point of 2.5/4 from a recognized university.
Category of Admitting Nigerian MLS Students into Medical Laboratory Science Department
MEDICAL LAB ASSISTANT (Registered with Council) 200
MEDICAL LAB TECHNICIAN (Registered with Council) 300
BSc, MSc in Biomedical Sciences 300 (In addition must validate all major courses of L-200 or advice to be admitted into L-200)


Graduation Requirements: 

Students must validate all University General and Institute Requirements (Tables I & II) as well as a minimum of 90 credits in the discipline of interest. All transfer students must fulfill at least one year residency, a minimum of 60 credits as well as the necessary University, Institute and Departmental requirements.


University Course Credit Load Distribution
Category Credit load credit load
  3yr Programme 4yr Programme
University General Education 30 30
Faculty Requirements 60 60
Subject Area Requirements 90 150
TOTAL 180 240



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